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Clearance Fat Yak Surf Kayak

Perfect Beginner / Intermediate Water Skis

Fat Yak Surf Kayak Deals

Fat Yak Surf Kayak

Fat Yak Kayaks

Colour Options
Fat Yak Surf Kayak Yellow Fat Yak Surf Kayak Blue Fat Yak Surf Kayak Green Fat Yak Surf Kayak Pink Fat Yak Surf Kayak Red
Fat Yak Surf Kayak Orange Fat Yak Surf Kayak Purple Fat Yak Surf Kayak Light Blue Fat Yak Surf Kayak Black Fat Yak Surf Kayaks in a Stack
Action Shots
Fat Yak Surf Kayaks on the Beach Fat Yak Surf Kayak in Yellow Fat Yak Surf Kayak Surfing Fat Yak Surf Kayak closeup Banana Yellow Fat Yak Surf Kayak
Fat Yak Surf Kayak on a Wave Fat Yak Surf Kayaks Being Transported Fat Yak Surf in the Ocean Fat Yak Surf Being Paddled Fat Yak Surf Kayak on the Sea
Fat Yak Surf Kayaks Being Trasported to the Waters Edge Fat Yak Surf Kayaks Being Carried Back From the Beach Fat Yak Surf in Lime Green Fat Yak Surf Kayaks at Play Fat Yak Surf Kayaks in a Stack

Walkaround Video

Action Video

Video of the Fat Yak Surf Kayak in Action
Video of the Fat Yak Surf Kayak

Fat Yak Surf Kayak Boat Only Package

Package Includes:

Fat Yak Surf Kayak (9 colour choices)

Fat Yak Surf Kayak

Kayak FeatureLength 2370mm
Kayak FeatureWidth 720mm
Kayak FeatureHeight 230mm
Kayak FeatureWeight 18kg
Kayak FeatureCapacity 90kgs

Standard Features: -

Kayak FeatureIntegrated footrests
Kayak FeatureDrink holder
Kayak FeatureFlat storage area at rear
Kayak FeatureInserts for backrests
Kayak FeatureCarry handles
Kayak FeatureStaggered Foot Braces
Kayak FeatureSelf-draining scuppers

Perfect for: -

Kayak FeatureKids as young as 6
Kayak FeatureAdults up to 16 stone
Kayak FeatureMessing about in the waves
Kayak FeatureFamily fun
Kayak FeatureSurfing in small to medium chop
Kayak FeatureDay Play, Exploring, Beach Fun, Fitness

Available in a great selection of vivid colours, the Fat Yak Surf is incredibly stable and is perfect for messing about on either the sea or the lake/river. The Surf is designed as a versatile, fun kayak with a wide range of uses. With its excellent glide, control and maneuverability, the Surf is ideal for any active family and it can handle small chop and waves with ease.


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