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Welcome to Sussex Watersports

We are a friendly family run business based in the seaside town of Worthing in the heart of beautiful West Sussex, England. The main part of our business is the online retailing of Water Sports Equipment and Snowboarding Equipment and we do this via our network of over 70 user-friendly websites. We also have a real bricks and mortar shop based at a British Waterski and Wakeboard (BWSW) approved water sports centre on a beautiful 50 acre freshwater lake just 5 minutes from Chichester town centre. We supply Water Sports Equipment and Snowboarding Equipment to suit all abilities and budgets and we work tirelessly to give you the best variety of products and the best shopping experience, whilst also keeping our prices amongst the keenest in the UK.

We have hand picked all of our brands and we are only interested in supplying products that we are proud to put our name to and that we know will stand the test of time. Everything we sell comes with a full 12 month manufacturer's warrantee and to ensure that you always get the best possible deal we even offer a price beat guarantee.

If you have any questions or just need some free friendly advice then please email us and one of our friendly and knowlegable staff will be more than happy to help.

Cheap Watersports Shop UK

Watersports Equipment

We have a great selection of water sports equipment and apparel from all of the top brands and to suit all ages and abilities. We sell Wakeboards, Water Skis, Kneeboards, Wake Skates, Wake Surfers, Tow Ropes, Towable Tubes, Surfboards, Wetsuits, Sunglasses, Skim Boards, Body Boards, Bags, Jetski Gear, Clothing & Apparel, Buoyancy Aids, Impact Vests, Helmets, Rash Vests, Ski Boat Equipment, Kayaks, Kitesurfing Gear, SUP Paddleboards and Windsurfing Equipment. We stock some of the best brands in the industry including Connelly, Ronix, Liquid Force, Kicker, O'Brien, Jobe, Fusion, Obscura, Jetpilot, Hyperlite, CWB, Byerly, Straightline, Fat Yak, Proline, Body Glove, RUK, BIC Kayaks, Wet Sounds, Monster Tower, Circle One, Hydroslide, Zenith, and Ocean LED.

Water Sports Facilities in West Sussex

Buy Cheap Wakeboards and Wakeboarding Equipment from the Best Water Sports Shop UK

Buy Cheap Water Skis and Waterskiing Equipment from the Best Water Sports Shop UK

Snowboarding Equipment

We supply an awesome range of Snowboarding equipment and apparel from some of the industry leading brands and for all ages and abilities. We sell Snowboards, Snowboard Packages, Bindings, Boots, Gloves, Bags, Helmets, Goggles, Backpacks, plus a good selection of ex-demo gear. We have some of the best brands in the industry including Northwave, Drake, Amplid, Nitro, Bern, BLOC, Smith Goggles, and POW Gloves.

Inside our UK Snowboard Shop

Ski Boats and Wakeboard Boats For Sale

We own and operate the UK's favourite used Ski Boat and Wakeboard Boat Free-Ads site offering a great community spirit for like-minded water ski and wakeboard enthusiasts, plus a great new way to buy and sell Ski Boats and Wakeboard Boats in the UK. We are proud to be partnered with some of the largest ski boat names in the UK, such as Mastercraft, Nautique, Centurion and Fletcher to name but a few.

Used Ski Boats & Wakeboarding Boats For Sale

Our Brands

Ronix Wakeboards UK

Connelly Water Skis and Towables UK

Hyperlite Wakeboards UK

CWB Wakeboards UK

Liquid Force Wakeboards UK

HO Syndicate Waterskis UK

Byerly Wakeboards UK

Obscura Wake Skates UK

Roswell Wakeboard Towers and Racks UK

Fly High Fat Sacs UK

Kicker Marine Audio and Speakers UK

Jetpilot Watersports Gear UK

Wet Sounds Marine Audio UK

RUK Kayaking Gear UK

Bern Helmets UK

Dakine UK

Nitro Snowboards UK

Smith Optics UK

Mystic Watersports UK

Straightline Tow Ropes UK

O'Brien Watersports  UK

O'Shea SUP Paddleboards

HO Waterskis HO Skis UK

Radar Waterskis UK

Fat Yak Kayaks UK

Fusion Marine Audio UK

Proline Tow Ropes UK

Jobe Watersports  UK

Ocean LED UK

BLOC Sunglasses UK

Monster Wakeboard Towers UK

Amplid Snowboards UK

Drake Snowboards UK

POW Snowboard Gloves UK

Online shopping for Wakeboards & Wakeboarding Equipment

Online shopping for Water Skis & Waterskiing Equipment

Online shopping for Wake Surfers & Wakesurfing Equipment

Online shopping for Towable Inflatable Tubes

Online shopping for Kneeboards and Kneeboarding Equipment

Tow Ropes for Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Wake Surfing, Towable Tubes

Online shopping for Wetsuits

Online shopping for Rash Guards & Vests

Online shopping for Buoyancy Aids

Impact Vests

Online shopping for Water Sports Helmets

Online shopping for Watersports Bags

Online shopping for Boat Equipment, Wakeboard Towers & Chandlery

Exclusive Boating Packages

Online shopping for Wake Skates & Wakeskating Equipment

Online shopping for Jetski Equipment and Apparel

Online shopping for Kayaks and Kayaking Equipment

Online shopping for Stand-Up-Paddleboards and SUP Equipment

Buy Cheap Snowboards Online

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